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Exit Poll 2023

Another Research Project. So what’s the big deal?
The exit poll conducted by Pulse MR for Omega Channel was undoubtedly, one of the largest projects we have taken up in the past 5 years. It required extremely elaborate planning, long hours of work, a network of over 80 people working together, 46 tablets for interviewing and- in short- all of our time, energy and focus dedicated to completing this extremely ambitious and demanding project.

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Cyprus Presidential Elections 2023

Τhe recent presidential elections, have demonstrated a disruption in the traditional voting behavior of Cypriots. The voting culture is gradually reshaping. The movement between the choices available to voters is growing, while the level of identification with political parties is fading.

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Spending on digital advertising in Cyprus

On 7/12/2022, our company presented the results of a survey for estimating the spending on digital advertising in Cyprus. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Cyprus Advertisers Association and the event, hosted by IMH was a great success.

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National Have Fun At Work Day

National have fun at work day’

This year we have achieved a lot…we have managed to go far beyond our goals and targets. But this is not the only reason why we feel proud. We have come to one very important realization: We couldn’t have gone nearly as far as we have if we hadn’t worked as a team!

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