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The post pandemic era, marks a digital shift in Cypriots

This month marks the fourth anniversary after the first lockdown in Cyprus aimed to stop the spreading of the pandemic. As we reflected upon the many changes that marked our lives since then, and by looking at historical research insights collected during these years, we stumbled upon a very interesting finding:

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Describing the role of qualitative research

by Mika Savva, Head of Qualitative and Business Development

The brain is undoubtedly the most complicated organ of the human body. While scientists and researchers have conducted countless experiments, since the early onset of science, they have still not managed to replicate it, or even understand exactly how it works.

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Cyprus Economy Risk Assessment Study

Pulse Market Research proudly contributed to the Cyprus Economy Risk Assessment Study for the second consecutive year. Partnering with the Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council, we analyzed an opinion survey involving 43 field experts to uncover enlightening findings about potential economic risks.

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