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Quantitative Research Methodologies

Telephone Surveys:

The international trended method of data collection is utilised at Pulse MR providing our clients with a cost efficient, fast and reliable solution for most research projects. Technological advancements are employed at Pulse MR ensuring 100% data collection supervision and exhaustive sampling coverage.

Personal Door to Door Surveys:

Pulse MR offers face-to-face consumer and social research for complex research projects. Our experienced field force of supervisors and interviewers ensure the validity and quality of our data collection so as to deliver the most accurate picture.

Online Panel:

Since May 2020, Pulse Market Research has launched a proprietary online panel for conducting online surveys under the registered trademark of myOpinion. For registration and more details, please visit the myOpinion website at https://www.myopinion.com.cy

Central Location Surveys:

Pulse MR offers Central Location surveys for targeted markets usually found at busy or industry-specific locations. Experimental methodology from which population representative conclusions cannot be drawn. Particularly useful for Product/Concept testing and Post-Usage (exit) interviews.

Panel Surveys:

A methodology offered by Pulse MR to provide clients the ability to assess changes in consumers' and individuals attitudes by monitoring more than once the same sample.


Store Surveys / Audits:

Market shares, distribution, prices, shelving and other promotional activities can be assessed through researching outlets. Based on complete databases Pulse MR identifies the right sample from which marketing and sales activities as well as opportunities can be evaluated.

Post / Mail Surveys:

Pulse MR offers this market research methodology for targeted groups of consumers and individuals based on lists and databases where the non-response bias can be neglected.

Internet / E-mail Surveys:

An effective methodology offered by Pulse MR to gather information from the internet/e-mail users through specially designed questionnaires and software.