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Qualitative Research Methodologies

Focus Groups Discussions:

A pre-screened group of individuals feed on each other and share their motivations, attitudes, emotions, fears and desires through the guidance of our experienced moderators.

At Pulse MR we ensure the successful organisation and implementation of Focus Groups through:

  • Highly skilled and experienced moderators
  • A thorough pre-research preparation
  • Targeted and controlled participant recruitment
  • Full fletched monitoring facilities
  • Customised reporting and deliverables


Targeted Mini Groups:

An adaptation of traditional focus groups on a more homogeneous set or respondents. Usually if the form of Dyads, Triads or Buddy Groups


In-depth Interviews:

Pulse MR experienced research executives employee one-on-one (avoiding opinion leaders) semi-structured questionnaires for a deeper understanding of targeted individuals and their motivations and attitudes.

We ensure the participation of hard to find individuals, consumers and professional through extensive recruitment.