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Pulse Market Research, pioneers again on the market research industry, with the launch of the new Ad Evaluation service (Pulse Ad Metrics). In order to provide to our customers the quality services that meet their needs, answer their questions about the market and help them make the right decisions, our company introduces the Pulse Ad Metrics, an advertising evaluation/effectiveness service.

Pulse Ad Metrics, is an ad evaluation tool, which consists of major Ad effectiveness indicators, as well as two groups of characteristics which have to do with Advertising Attributes and Brand Associations generated by the Ad. Through an online dashboard, the customers are given the opportunity to monitor how their ads are evaluated, what the impact on specific target groups is, the comparisons with other ads, as well as the comparisons with ads for similar products / services of the competition. The data collection takes place through Pulse Market Research’s proprietary online panel MyOpinion (www.myopinion.com.cy).