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Political & Social Research

Political Environment Studies

Pulse MR examines the worries, anxieties, and attitudes towards issues defining the current political and social grounds. Ad-hoc or tracking studies exploring the public's reactions resulting from political developments.

Political Image Studies

Pulse MR examines the image that the public has of the political protagonists as well as the associations of politicians' awareness, evaluation and prospects towards political communications strategy campaigns.

Election / Voting Studies

The voting intentions and the factors influencing the voting decision of the public can be examined at Pulse MR through ad-hoc or tracking studies before, during or after election periods.

Exit Polls

Immediate post-voting research performed at Pulse MR for accurate and instant estimations of the outcome of elections. Pulse MR estimations and analyses provide the tools for high accuracy in predictions and further inferences.

Social Organisations Research

Pulse MR examines the image that the general or specific public has of the social, governmental or other institutions and organisations, as well as performance indicators on the accomplishments and contributions of the organisations.