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Mora Thavmata

On the occasion of World Prematurity Day, Pulse market Research conducted a research for “Mora Thavmata” Association.

61% of respondents stated that they had or have a direct relationship or experience with prematurity.

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Pandemic: economic and psychological concerns

The economic and psychological concerns of citizens are a consequence of the pandemic.

Pulse Market Research conducted a survey with MyOpinion online panel for “Phileleftheros”, has recorded the following:

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Cypriots are lagging in Financial Literacy

It is evident that Cypriots are lagging in Financial Literacy.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has aroused intense business interest in workforce resilience in a way we have never seen before, in Cyprus and abroad. According to recent research made by Pulse Market Research for AON Cyprus, there are distinct gaps in Financial Literacy.

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