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Spending on digital advertising in Cyprus

On 7/12/2022, our company presented the results of a survey for estimating the spending on digital advertising in Cyprus. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Cyprus Advertisers Association and the event, hosted by IMH was a great success.

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National Have Fun At Work Day

National have fun at work day’

This year we have achieved a lot…we have managed to go far beyond our goals and targets. But this is not the only reason why we feel proud. We have come to one very important realization: We couldn’t have gone nearly as far as we have if we hadn’t worked as a team!

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International Technology Day

With 94% of households in Cyprus having access to the Internet and almost 90% of the population (ages 16-74), having used the internet at least once during the first quarter of 2022*, we can safely conclude that information technology has been well established in Cyprus and plays a great part in our everyday lives. How we communicate, how we access information, how we buy products and services, even how we participate in the society has shifted to a great extent from the physical to the online environment.  And the pandemic has been an accelerant for this shift.

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Calibrating skills seminar

In Pulse Market Research we focus on continuous development and learning, as a means to grow and achieve our goals.

In this context we have attended a whole-day seminar which aimed towards calibrating our skills on offering Quality Customer Service. In this seminar we had the chance to learn how to provide a quality customer service in profound and outstanding ways. Our goal was to embrace common values as a team that will make the difference when it comes to B2B communication.

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