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Pulse Politcal Poll 06/23

A very enlightening, objective and comprehensive assessment by Andreas Andreas Hadjikyriacos, of the currently emerging political landscape, based on reliable research data,

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4-day workweek

Pulse Market Research. Cracking the code on productivity for the past 2 years: it's not the amount of working hours, but the magic we bring to the table.

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Mother's Day

«Mother» is a synonym for nurture, unconditional love, self-sacrifice, continuous and tireless giving without expecting anything in return.  No other role in society has ever been associated with so many virtues, recognized and appreciated by everyone, but at the same time often requiring significant sacrifices and leading to deprivation of equal opportunities.

But let’s put things in an order, letting the statistical facts tell the whole story…

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World Health Day

Every year this day, we are celebrating World Health Day. It is a day to focus on and raise awareness around health issues that affect people all over the globe.

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