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OMEGA Channel - Opinion Poll

Our team has recently collaborated with OMEGA Channel for conducting a large-scale opinion poll for the upcoming elections and we had the honorable opportunity last Friday to present the findings at the Omega Democracy program.
We want to extend our sincere thanks to OMEGA Channel for their trust in us and to the remarkable team of journalists-Sotiris Paroutis, Michalis Pavlides and Stella Savva -for this harmonious collaboration.

Pulse MAY24 08

The poll has admittedly received a lot of attention, as it revealed surprising findings, challenged previous status quos and sent loud messages from the public about the need for change.

For accessing the full report, use the link below:
Αυτούσια η Δημοσκόπηση Omega Channel: Η παράσταση νίκης των Ευρωεκλογών, το τρίτο κόμμα και οι επικρατέστεροι υποψήφιοι δήμαρχοι - OmegaLive