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Pulse Seasonal Events 2023

As we reflect on 2023, we can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement for what lies ahead. This past year brought its fair share of challenges, but we tackled them head-on, transforming them into new opportunities for growth and development.

Pulse Breakfast: Going Forward 2024


Remaining true to our tradition, our team has gathered around the breakfast table once more, for our end of year presentation of this year’s results, plans, goals, and conclusions. Learning from our own experiences, but also looking at new industry trends and developments, we reevaluated our strategies, plans and goals, while enjoying a delightful breakfast. We have set up our new Year’s resolutions and plans, filled with ambition, aspiration and inspiration and prepared ourselves for a dynamic entry into the New Year.

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A toast to the New Year


Who said that researchers and satisticians don’t know how to have fun? We have proof for quite the opposite! Cheers to all for an enjoyable, fun, and relaxing Holiday Season!

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Pulse Blog JAN24 07

It’s play-time!


Before closing up for the holiday season, we’ve spent the last precious moments, with our favourite team members. We exchanged gifts, played games, ate, laughed, and created warm and pleasant closing memories for 2023, while setting up the scene for welcoming an even better Year in 2024!

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Honouring the tradition, some days after our return to the office, we gathered around to cut the Vasilopitta cake and distribute the pieces to everyone to find out who will be the lucky winner. As genuine statisticians we managed to cut it to equal pieces, so without any objections, we declared Irene as the luckiest Pulse member for the Year! Good luck to Irene and may this luck sticks with her throughout the Year!

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From all of us here at Pulse may the coming New Year bring peace, success, and prosperity to all of you, and to everyone around the world!