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2021 Smiling Report

MSPA Europe/Africa, the trade organization for mystery shopping professionals has recently released the 2021 Smiling Report in cooperation with Better Business Worldwide, for the 18th consecutive year. The Smiling Report consists of data from around 31 million mystery shopping evaluations, collected since 2004 by professional Mystery Shopping Providers that are members of the MSPA in Europe/Africa, Asia/Pacific and America. The report analyses customer service data from evaluations conducted across a whole spectrum of industries.

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The 2021 report provides a summary of evaluations based on Smile, Greeting and Add-on Sales indicators deriving from a sample of 731 285 reports from 30 countries during 2021.

Pulse Market Research was responsible for gathering the relevant data for Cyprus.

“A smile is a powerful but incredibly simple tool in sales” (Smiling Report, 2022, p.2)

The highest smiling scores were observed in the following countries: Paraguay (98,8 %), followed by Cyprus (96,8%) and Russian Federation (94,1%). Lowest Smiling scores were noted in Serbia (70 %), Germany (72,6 %) and Hong Kong (74,4%).

Another interesting result is that the industry with the highest score on smile was Health & Beauty (89,3%), closely followed by Transport (89%) and Automotive (87,8%) and the lowest was Leisure (81,6%.)

“Greeting Is the most important thing you can do well…or poorly” (Smiling Report, 2022, p.2)

The industries achieving the highest score were Transport (95.3%) and Health and Beauty (93,5%) and the lowest was noted in regards to B2B (79%). Greece had the highest score (98%) amongst all participating countries, closely followed by US with 97,9%. The lowest greeting scores were noted in Netherlands (47,5%) and Serbia (67,3%).

Add-on sales
“Additional sales can represent significant revenues and profits for the company” (Smiling Report, 2022, p.3)

In this metric Cyprus received the lowest score (11,6%), followed by Netherlands (16,4%) and Greece (28%). The highest performance results were attained by Russian Federation (82,8%), Hong Kong (76,3%) and Hungary (70,2%).

The highest scoring industry was Automotive (76,6%) and the lowest scoring were Retail (41,7%) and Health & Beauty (43,5%).

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