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Trusting advertising sources?

‘Trust is the foundation of every successful sale’ (Adam Rogers, Shopify)

According to research conducted by Pulse Market Research regarding the level of trust in various advertising sources, 87% of participants stated that they trust recommendations from friends, family, or acquaintances and 78% have taken action (examined the product more carefully or did more research on its features) based on such recommendations received.

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Websites of brands are also considered trustworthy (by 70% of total sample), influencing 53% of participants to take further action. Online reviews and evaluations from users were considered a trusted source of information for 67% of the participants, leading 58% of total respondents to further action.

Trust in ‘traditional sources of advertising’ like advertorials, radio and TV scored 54%, 52% and 52% amongst total respondents, while their effectiveness in influencing action scored 40%, 31% and 39% respectively

Finally, although Influencers seem to be trusted by a much lower percentage of the population (26%), their influencing power seems to be quite high with 25% stating that they have taken further action after being exposed to this source of advertising

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