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Cardiovascular diseases

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, currently cardiovascular diseases are not receiving adequate attention. This phenomenon is observed globally, and the effects are devastating.

As a result, the Cyprus Society of Cardiology conducted research with Pulse Market Research, exploring the public’s perceptions and knowledge with regards to cardiovascular diseases. The results of the research are outlined below.

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Blood Pressure

Research results have shown that Cypriots do not check their blood pressure frequently. More specifically:
1. Between the ages 45-54, 40% of those asked reported not checking their blood pressure
2. Between the ages 55-64, 26% of those asked reported not checking their blood pressure
3. Over the ages of 65, 22% of those asked reported not checking the blood pressure
4. 19% of diagnosed heart patients, report ed that they never check their blood pressure

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Lifestyle choices greatly impact cardiovascular diseases and their outcome. Research results have shown that 37% of participants do not follow an active lifestyle, 42% do not get enough sleep, 51% do not follow a healthy diet and 65% do not exercise regularly. Similar lifestyle habits are observed in the choices made by the participants diagnosed with heart problems.

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Whereas all participants report being fully aware of the dangers inherent in smoking, 30% of them report smoking nonetheless. The fact that 26% of diagnosed heart patients admit to smoking, is a great source of concern for the future of cardiovascular diseases in Cyprus.

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Health and pandemic.
The recent pandemic has greatly impacted how Cypriots approach matters of their health and particular cardiovascular diseases. 22% of participants report being more concerned about Covid than any other imminent health problems with the number rising to 25% amongst diagnosed heart patients.

More specifically:
1. 12% of participants report neglecting their health issues due to the pandemic
2. 8% of participants neglect to seek medical advice in fear of being exposed to Covid
3. 21% of diagnosed heart patients failed to meet their doctors’ appointments, keep up with their examination routines or follow up with their medicines due to the pandemic.

Even though the numbers seem to be low, the fact that diagnosed heart patients failed to monitor their health due to Covid 19, is indeed worrisome.

Knowledge of the causes.
Most participants report knowing that bad lifestyle choices greatly impact cardiovascular diseases, however, few were able to pinpoint the exact causes.
The majority of those asked knew that myocardial infarction could manifest as burning or intense pressure in the chest, while fewer knew that it could manifest with other symptoms as well.

Take care of your body and do not neglect your health!