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Mora Thavmata

On the occasion of World Prematurity Day, Pulse market Research conducted a research for “Mora Thavmata” Association.

61% of respondents stated that they had or have a direct relationship or experience with prematurity.

Blog Image Mora Thaumata
37% reported that a newborn is considered premature when born under 37 weeks.
61% also stated that they know the term prematurity! Among them, the highest knowledge is presented from women aged 35-49 years.

When asked what factors they believe are the possible causes of prematurity, 71% answered complications during pregnancy, while 58% answered genetic factors like mothers’ medical condition!

Finally, when asked if prematurity can be treated with modern medicine through specialized care, 80% agree and 38% say that the phenomenon of prematurity is a serious problem in Cyprus.

The survey was conducted in October 2021 among people aged 18-65 by Pulse Market Research’s MyOpinion online research platform.