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Pulse Market Research

Pulse Market Research is a modern company in the field of market research, polls, and consulting services.

Transforming information to knowledge, to assist informed decision making for businesses

Based on valid and timely research, they provide objective data and assessments, aimed at supporting its customers’ decisions.

Pulse Market Research, with collaborations with large organizations in Cyprus but also with multinational companies abroad, has managed to consolidate its credibility by following global trends and practices in the field of research and by integrating new research methods in the Cypriot market.

In 2020, in line with the new reality, Pulse Market Research created its own online community for conducting online research. MyOpinion (www.myopinion.com.cy) online panel is a modern information gathering tool, which enables the conduct of surveys to demanding audiences, with possibilities for immediate processing and presentation of results, use of multimedia, such as photos, videos and audio material.

Feeling the need for agile customer experience monitoring (CX - Customer Experience), Pulse Market Research, through its own platform myExperience (www.myexperience.com.cy) - a Voice of Customer tool - provides the ability to collect data on consumer experience, helping companies and organizations understand the needs and expectations of their customers and improve the service and products they provide.

Pulse Market Research focuses on excellent, unbiased and representative data collection for reliable and applicable research results.

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