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Smiling report

Smiling, Greeting, Add-on Sales.  Three universal mystery shopping indicators

2020 was a year that we’ve never experienced before. No one could ever have forecast the difficulties we would face on a personal and business level. In troubled times, the importance of making a connection, and making a difference to someone’s day, became very apparent.

Those businesses that connected with their customers, showing empathy and appreciation for their custom, had real impact. It is in this context that we’re delighted to publish the 2020 Smiling Report.

“The Smiling Report” was conducted by MSPA to collect answers during Mystery Shopping surveys. The visits have recorded data for Smile, Greeting and Add-on Sales. The research has been done with a sample of 516,296 contacts from 25 countries during 2020. The data for Cyprus had been prepared by Pulse Market Research.

Smile is a powerful tool in sales. It has been proven that a smiling face can enhance the joy of consumers and increase brand appeal! Russian Federation and Canada have the highest rating with 96% while the lowest is Morocco with 54%.


Greeting is very important, but if not done in the right way, the results will be negative! All positive customer relationships start with a friendly greeting that will make them feel welcomed. The Russian Federation and Hungary achieved the highest greeting rate with 95% and the lowest Greece with 69%.


Additional sales can significantly help increase revenue for a company. They can help the seller to build a better relationship with the buyer and leave him satisfied. The Russian Federation again achieved the highest percentage with 73% while the lowest was achieved by Cyprus with 19%.

Add On Sales