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International Women's Day

The international women's day is celebrated on the of 8th March around the world.

According to various studies conducted by PMR during the previous years, women in Cyprus pay a lot of attention into two major sectors in their lives. Their health and wellness and at the same time their professional career.

In terms of their health, studies have shown that most women live towards a balanced and healthy diet. They are most likely to consume low-fat foods (7 out of 10 mentioned that the statement fully represents them) while they tend to support vegan products. Women choose to buy on a weekly basis non-glouten, organic food and healthy cereal bars.
In terms of their career, women always set themselves big career goals. However, they feel that they have a lot of obstacles in achieving their big professional goals. In addition, women tend to support flexible work arrangements (7 out of 10 mentioned that flexible work arrangements has a positive effect on their productivity).

Finally, Pulse research has suggested that women want to spend more time traveling (63%), they would like to devote more time for themselves (60%) as well as for their families (57%). Lastly, most women share an enthusiasm for new adventure and they are more likely to invest in experiences rather than luxuries in life.