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Smiling Report 2023

MSPA Europe/Africa, in partnership with Better
Business Worldwide, has released the 2023 Smiling Report, its 19th annual edition, analyzing customer service data from a vast sample of 621164 mystery shopping evaluations conducted in 34 countries.

The Smiling Report consists of data from around 32 million mystery shopping evaluations, collected since 2004. The report analyses customer

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service data from evaluations conducted across a whole spectrum of industries, collected by professional mystery shopping companies, that are members of MSPA, the trade organization for mystery shopping professionals

Pulse Market Research, has been conducting mystery shopper evaluations in Cyprus since 2006.

The first impression is crucial in customer interactions, and a friendly greeting sets a positive tone. Successful companies understand this and prioritize building customer relationships from the start. Greece leads with a 96.8% greeting score, while Belgium scores the lowest at 62.2%.
Finance and Health & Beauty industries rank highest, while Transport scores rank lowest at 39.2%.

Add-on Sales
Businesses aim to boost revenue and customer satisfaction through add-on sales, which also reflect.
proactive employees. Offering tailored products or services can increase satisfaction, trust, and repeat.
business. Lithuania leads with a score of 68.9%, followed by Kazakhstan (66.2%), and Poland (64.9%) in Add-on sales. Greece scores the lowest with 19.7%. Automotive tops all other industries with 66.9%, followed by Government with 62.9%, while Transport and Retail score lowest at 42.6%, and Retail at 46.3% respectively.

A smile transcends language and culture, creating a positive atmosphere and genuine connections. It has been proven that a smiling face contributes in the enjoyment derived from the customer experience and enhances brand appeal. According to the report:

Latvia (96.2%), Estonia (95.0%), and Lithuania (93.2%) scored the highest in Smiling. The lowest Smiling scores were in Belgium (34.8%), Sweden (72.0%), and the United Kingdom (75.6%).

Health & Beauty (90.9%), B2B (88%), and Government (85.7%) industries scored the highest, while Transport scored the lowest at 11%.

More information, regarding the report can be found below:

download - press release as pdf file