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Service Quality Research

Mystery Shopping

Pulse Market Research offers the results of the real experience of shopping under the real circumstances. Qualified personnel act as normal shoppers evaluating the client and its competitors on a series of attributes such as customer service, customer ease, cleanliness, order through structured rating and grading questionnaires.

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Customer Satisfaction Research

Tracking or Ad-hoc, a brand, service or organisation must be aware of the level of its and its competition's customer satisfaction. Pulse Market Research offers research solutions based on statistical modelling to provide precise information for driving customer satisfaction.


Net Promoter Score® Research

The simplified research methodology as developed by Satmetrix for segmentation of a customer base into the three loyalty segments. Implemented with an additional series of other customer retention indices, it becomes a unique tool for tracking and understanding customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Employee Opinion Surveys

The Pulse MR service for utilising a research tool for attaining an understanding of the employees attitudes, moral and expectations of an organisation. Specialised methodologies enable various methods of sampling and data collection.