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Advertising Research

Advertising Effectiveness Studies

A service provided by Pulse MR to evaluate and correlate specific indicators such as advertising awareness, recall, exposition and impact of a brand or service during the advertising campaign. In combination with other research sources such as media expenditure surveys, market share research and media monitoring research can provide vital information for marketers. (Share of market, Share of Voice, Share of Expenditure).

Day After Recall

Pulse MR identifies the eligible specific market (anyone who watched TV, a certain channel, or a certain program) and within 24 hours it assesses the recall of an advertisement, its brand association, its message and predisposition towards purchase. A cost effective study that provides results comparison with normative data.

Advertising Concept Testing

Before investing in production and airtime Pulse MR offers a test of evaluating the advertising concept from the target market. In a qualitative environment, stimulus material from storyboards to narrative tape, animatics or drawings can be used to obtain critical feedback from those the advertisement is targeting.

Pre/Post Evaluation Studies

Pulse MR offers a test of evaluating before or during advertising an advert's awareness, branding accuracy, attractiveness details and intention to purchase.